Matt Lyons

picture of Matt Lyons

Matt Lyons BUFORA Chairman

Matt Lyons has always had an interest in the UFO phenomenon even before his teens, following the Gerry Anderson UFO series and then moving onto the Spielberg Close Encounters film, Jeff Wayne and the War of Worlds musical.

A conservatoire graduate musician by profession, he had always looked for more factually based and scientifically evaluative approaches to the UFO phenomenon. After reading key authors such as Jacques Valee, John Keel and Jenny Randles, he joined the British UFO Research Association in 2009, impressed by their nearly fifty years of researching and investigating the wider aspects that form the UFO subject.

He passed the Investigation Training Course in 2009 and began to reconstruct the magazine archive digitally which ensured that newcomers to the organisation and the public would be able to enjoy the complete archive, without having to bid in random sales as and when past issues only occasionally became available for sale.

Matt is currently embarking on post graduate research into the role of music as a reflection of the UFO phenomenon, with emphasis on belief systems and the psychology that interplay in this subject.

The team of BUFORA is a committee with a wide diversity of skills ranging from psychology, photography, science, folklore, research, astronomy and investigations, with study and public assistance from all categories of sighting and witness experiences.
From lights in the sky through to witness perceptions of CE3 experiences, we look at the complete broad spectrum of the subject. BUFORA also has long term projects such as the recently completed Vehicle Interference report (available for sale in addition to the magazine archive at ).

Matt returns to the chair role as the organisation looks forward to the digitising of it's case report files and a new website about to launch with a greatly increased capacity for research and investigations to be displayed. A return to conferences takes place next year planned in the UK in summer 2011.