Pub­lished on Jun 7, 2013

Hon. Paul Hellyer — Min­is­ter of National Defense
Tes­ti­fied know­ing of 4 Alien races actively vis­it­ing Earth.
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Filmed May 2013

Mon­signor Cor­rado Bal­ducci
Vat­i­can theologian-Interview on Ital­ian tele­vi­sion
“We can no longer think… is it true? Is it not true? Are they truths or are they lies–if we believe or if we don’t believe–no! There are already numer­ous con­sid­er­a­tions which make the exis­tence of these beings [extrater­res­tri­als] into a cer­tainty we can­not doubt.”

For­mer Spe­cial Assis­tant to the Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of the CIA Vic­tor Mar­che­tti: How the CIA Views the UFO Phe­nom­e­non, Sec­ond Look, Vol. 1, No. 7, Wash­ing­ton, D.C. (5/1979) — “We have, indeed, been con­tacted — per­haps even vis­ited — by extrater­res­trial beings, and the US gov­ern­ment, in col­lu­sion with the other national pow­ers of the Earth, is deter­mined to keep this infor­ma­tion from the gen­eral public.”

Deputy Chief of the Royal Bel­gian Air Force Major-General Wil­fred de Brouwer: “Post­face” in SOBEPS’ Vague d’OVNI sur la Bel­gique — Un Dossier Excep­tion­nel, Brus­sels: SOBEPS (1991) — “In any case, the Air Force has arrived to the con­clu­sion that a cer­tain num­ber of anom­alous phe­nom­ena has been pro­duced within Bel­gian air­space. The numer­ous tes­ti­monies of ground obser­va­tions com­piled in this [SOBEPS] book, rein­forced by the reports of the night of March 30–31 [1990], have led us to face the hypoth­e­sis that a cer­tain num­ber of unau­tho­rized aer­ial activ­i­ties have taken place. Until now, not a sin­gle trace of aggres­sive­ness has been sig­naled; mil­i­tary or civil­ian air traf­fic has not been per­turbed nor threat­ened. We can there­fore advance that the pre­sumed activ­i­ties do not con­sti­tute a direct men­ace.“
“The day will come undoubt­edly when the phe­nom­e­non will be observed with tech­no­log­i­cal means of detec­tion and col­lec­tion that won’t leave a sin­gle doubt about its ori­gin. This should lift a part of the veil that has cov­ered the mys­tery for a long time. A mys­tery that con­tin­ues to the present. But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an impor­tant conclusion.”

Japan’s Top Gov­ern­ment Spokesper­son, Chief Cab­i­net Sec­re­tary Nobu­taka Machimura and Japan’s Defense Min­is­ter, Shigeru Ishiba :
Beliefs and Con­cerns about UFOs — Japan’s top gov­ern­ment spokesper­son: UFO’s def­i­nitely exist. Chief Cab­i­net Sec­re­tary Nobu­taka Machimura said to reporters on Decem­ber 18, 2007, “I def­i­nitely believe they (UFOs) exist.“
3 days later Japan’s Defence Min­is­ter Shigeru Ishiba con­sid­ers how his Self Defence Forces could respond to an attack by space aliens while adher­ing to lim­its on mil­i­tary action under the country’s war-renouncing Con­sti­tu­tion. “There are no grounds for us to deny there are uniden­ti­fied fly­ing objects and some life­form that con­trols them”, Ishiba said. “Few dis­cus­sions have been held on what the legal grounds are” for mil­i­tary response. (Bloomberg) by Stu­art Biggs

Sworn Affi­davit by a Lieu­tenant Wal­ter Haut con­cern­ing his expe­ri­ence of the 1947 UFO crash AT Roswell, NM:
Lt. Wal­ter Haut, pub­lic rela­tions offi­cer at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947 left a sworn affi­davit con­cern­ing his expe­ri­ence with the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. His sworn affi­davit was only to be opened after his death. Haut died in Decem­ber 2005 and some­time in June of 2007 the text con­tained therein had been released. He describes see­ing the UFO and the occu­pants con­sist­ing of alien bod­ies as well as a high-level meet­ing with Col. William Blan­chard and Gen­eral Roger Ramey, Com­man­der of the Eighth Army Air Force.

Astro­naut Scott Car­pen­ter
“At no time, when the astro­nauts were in space were they alone: there was a con­stant sur­veil­lance by UFOs.” ~ Astro­naut Scott Car­pen­ter — Car­pen­ter pho­tographed a UFO while in orbit on May 24, 1962. NASA still has not released the pho­to­graph to the public.

Buzz Aldrin on Fox News
“We just about could have said, ‘Look, we see a UFO out the win­dow going along with us.’ You know what would have hap­pened? The pub­lic would have gone crazy! We were smart enough to say, ‘Where is the upper stage rocket? We think we might be look­ing at that out the window.”

Colonel Joseph J. Bryan III
Found­ing mem­ber of the CIA’s psy­cho­log­i­cal war­fare staff, advi­sor to NATO
“These UFOs are inter­plan­e­tary devices sys­tem­at­i­cally observ­ing the Earth, either manned or under remote con­trol, or both.”

Pres­i­dent Jimmy Carter
Inter­view fol­low­ing his sight­ing of a UFO at Leary, Geor­gia — Octo­ber 1969
“It was the darn­d­est thing I’ve ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed col­ors, and it was about the size of the moon. A red and green glow­ing orb radi­ated as it hur­tled across the south­west­ern Geor­gia skies. We watched it for ten min­utes, but none of us could fig­ure out what it was. One thing’s for sure: I’ll never make fun of peo­ple who say they’ve seen uniden­ti­fied fly­ing objects in the sky.”

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