Chris Holly Her Recent Orb Sightings

Chris Holly talks with Kate Valen­tine about her recent orb sight­ings in Long Island, NY, HAARP, and South Haven Park, NY–15-13.mp3”

How quickly we forget the UFO crash at South Haven Park, NY in 1992

Chris Holly

Chris Holly spent a great deal of her life build­ing dif­fer­ent entre­pre­neur ven­tures, how­ever her one true pas­sion has always been writ­ing. Con­tinue read­ing

Alien Abduction of Jesse Long on Kate Valentine UFO Show

Jesse Long- Alien Experiencer

Jesse Long– Alien Experiencer

Alien Abduc­tion of Jesse Long

Jesse Long has been hav­ing alien encoun­ters since he was just a young boy. He had his first alien encounter in Ten­nessee in 1957 when he was just five years old. He tells Kate Valen­tine and her audi­ence about the Alien Abduc­tion of Jesse Long.


Kate with Thomas Reed and Branden Wellington

Topic : United Nations UFO Abduc­tion Inter­view . We will be touch­ing on the fact Thomas Reed’s father was killed on Oct 2nd — the same day the case was put before the United Nations in 1992. (14 years after, to the day.

Kate with Chris Holly– Abductions

Chris Holly

Chris Holly– Long ago she found it far eas­ier to explain the para­nor­mal by way of a true story told in an inter­est­ing form. She lived a life filled with extreme expe­ri­ences and unique events involv­ing that which we do not understand.