Chris Holly Her Recent Orb Sightings

Chris Holly talks with Kate Valen­tine about her recent orb sight­ings in Long Island, NY, HAARP, and South Haven Park, NY–15-13.mp3”

How quickly we forget the UFO crash at South Haven Park, NY in 1992

Chris Holly

Chris Holly spent a great deal of her life build­ing dif­fer­ent entre­pre­neur ven­tures, how­ever her one true pas­sion has always been writ­ing. Con­tinue read­ing

Alien Abduction of Jesse Long on Kate Valentine UFO Show

Jesse Long- Alien Experiencer

Jesse Long– Alien Experiencer

Alien Abduc­tion of Jesse Long

Jesse Long has been hav­ing alien encoun­ters since he was just a young boy. He had his first alien encounter in Ten­nessee in 1957 when he was just five years old. He tells Kate Valen­tine and her audi­ence about the Alien Abduc­tion of Jesse Long.


Kate with Thomas Reed and Branden Wellington

Topic : United Nations UFO Abduc­tion Inter­view . We will be touch­ing on the fact Thomas Reed’s father was killed on Oct 2nd — the same day the case was put before the United Nations in 1992. (14 years after, to the day.

Kate with Chris Holly– Abductions

Chris Holly

Chris Holly- Long ago she found it far eas­ier to explain the para­nor­mal by way of a true story told in an inter­est­ing form. She lived a life filled with extreme expe­ri­ences and unique events involv­ing that which we do not understand.