Cynthia Crawford Podcast with Kate Valentine Friday October 4th


Cyn­thia Craw­ford joins Kate Valentine

Cynthia_Crawford_ET_sculptorCyn­thia Craw­ford was born a twin, but with totally dif­fer­ent blood and tis­sue type than her sis­ter and the rest of her fam­ily. Her father worked on top-secret mis­sions for the OSS; and she remem­bers being taken to under­ground mil­i­tary med­ical facil­i­ties for test­ing and exam­i­na­tions dur­ing her child­hood, also endur­ing numer­ous alien abduc­tions, exam­i­na­tions and impreg­na­tions, as well as mirac­u­lous heal­ings. Con­tinue read­ing

The John Ford UFO Case with guest Richard Smith


Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Kate dis­cusses the John Ford case with Radio Host Richard Smith.

Long Island UFO Net­work Chair­man John Ford was rail­roaded by the Suf­folk County Gov­ern­ment of New York sim­ply because he came too close to uncov­er­ing the infa­mous South Haven Park UFO crash and the ille­gal toxic waste dump­ing tak­ing place in many parts of Suf­folk County. Tar­geted by a level of cor­rup­tion that would put any­one in a state of utter shock and dis­gust, John Ford has been a polit­i­cal pris­oner at the MID-HUDSON FORENSIC PSYCHIATRIC CENTER in New Hamp­ton, New York.


Kate with Ed Komarek

Topic : UFOs Exopol­i­tics and the New World Dis­or­der.
Ed Komarek is a long­time UFO/ET inves­ti­ga­tor and activist hav­ing been involved in the field for forty years. Ed has a new book UFOs Exopol­i­tics and the New World Disorder.

Kate with Nick Redfern

Topic: Top Secret Places — Gov­ern­ments don’t want you to know about.

Nick Red­fern is a full-time author and jour­nal­ist spe­cial­iz­ing in a wide range of unsolved mys­ter­ies, includ­ing Big­foot, the Loch Ness Mon­ster, UFO sight­ings, gov­ern­ment con­spir­a­cies, alien abduc­tions and para­nor­mal phe­nom­ena. He writes reg­u­larly for the Lon­don Daily Express news­pa­per, Fortean Times, Fate, and UFO Magazine.