Patterns and Portents

Decem­ber 23rd & 30th, Fahrusha listed as one of the 20 best psy­chics in Woman’s Own Mag­a­zine and as one of New York’s Psy­chic Super­stars in New York Mag­a­zine. Patty Greer shares 30 years of stun­ning Crop Cir­cle, UFO and Orb cin­e­matog­ra­phy. Janus 2011 saw the release of his long awaited for Rendle­sham album, and cur­rently older works from his back cat­alouge of record­ings are being dig­i­tally remastered.

Kate with Suzanne Taylor Crop Circles

Suzanne Tay­lor Crop Circles

Suzanne Taylor Crop CirclesSuzanne Tay­lor, Producer/Director of What On Earth? Inside the Crop Cir­cle Mys­tery (, has been involved with films since she grad­u­ated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from NYU. Hav­ing been an actress, she crossed over to the other side of the cam­era as the Exec­u­tive Pro­ducer of the fea­ture doc­u­men­tary, CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth. The new film, What On Earth? won the award for Best Fea­ture Doc­u­men­tary at the UFO Con­gress Film Fes­ti­val, where the other film got the Audi­ence Award. What On Earth? got an award for Excel­lence in Para­nor­mal Film­mak­ing from the Para­nor­mal Sym­po­sium and Film Fes­ti­val, and Suzanne is a crop cir­cle author­ity in the His­tory Chan­nel series, Ancient Aliens.

As the founder of Mighty Com­pan­ions, a non-profit ded­i­cated to con­scious­ness expan­sion, her Los Ange­les home is a gath­er­ing place for forward-thinking activists. A fine arts post-impressionist painter, Suzanne had a one woman show. She is an accom­plished chef, and author of The Any­body Can Make It, Every­body Will Love It Cook­book. She writes a blog, Mak­ing Sense of These Times (, where posts about pro­gres­sive ideas include con­sid­er­a­tions of how con­scious­ness might evolve and how instru­men­tal the crop cir­cle phe­nom­e­non could be in that regard.

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Kate talks Crop Circles with Patty Greer

Patty Greer Film­maker of “The Wake Up Call — Any­body Lis­ten­ing?” A Crop Cir­cle Doc­u­men­tary, “UFOs ETs Abductees & Bril­liant Minds”, “2012 We’re Already In It” and “Crop Cir­cles 2010 Update — The Wake Up Call”

Viewpoints: Kate welcomes Dee Gragg

Dee Gragg, the Assis­tant Direc­tor of the New Mex­ico chap­ter of the Mutual UFO Net­work (MUFON). Mr. Gragg also teaches classes on UFOs and Crop Cir­cles at New Mex­ico State Uni­ver­sity, and recently pub­lished the book “A Sim­ple Expla­na­tion of Extrater­res­tri­als (ETs)”. Mr. Gragg has some inter­est­ing the­o­ries regard­ing UFOs, crop cir­cles and an alien/human breed­ing program.