Kate with Tom Fusco

Behind the Cos­mic Veil: A New Vision of Real­ity that describes a new model of super­nat­ural mechan­ics, which not only explains the behav­ior of strange phe­nom­ena like the para­nor­mal and UFOs, but also pro­vides com­pelling answers to some of the fun­da­men­tal prob­lems fac­ing physics today.

Len Kasten: Extraterrestrials

Len Kasten: ExtraterrestrialsLen Kas­ten: Extraterrestrials

Len Kas­ten, It is now gen­er­ally rec­og­nized that under­stand­ing the UFO/ET phe­nom­ena requires knowl­edge of meta­physics as well as analy­sis of the evi­dence. Since Len was able to bring his exten­sive meta­phys­i­cal back­ground into the writ­ing of The Secret His­tory of Extrater­res­tri­als, the book achieves a depth of under­stand­ing of the phe­nom­ena not oth­er­wise possible.

Kate with Guest Dr. Bruce Maccabee

Dr. Bruce Maccabee Kate ValentineDr. Bruce Mac­cabee is one of the leg­endary fig­ures of Ufol­ogy. He has long been noted for his exten­sive and thor­ough inves­ti­ga­tions of UFO close encoun­ters and abduc­tions, and is con­sid­ered the lead­ing expert in the analy­sis of UFO pho­tographs and videos.

Kate with Steve Volk Fringeology

What I found is a great tale that’s been rel­e­gated to the fringe of our dis­course for too long—a story about all of us, a story filled with ghosts, UFOs, mav­er­ick sci­en­tists, psy­chics, spoon-benders and the peo­ple who love and hate them. — Steve Volk http://stevevolk.com/fringeology

Viewpoints: Kate with Dr. Brooks Agnew

Brooks A. Agnew, PhD is a com­mer­cial sci­en­tist and engi­neer with more than 17 years of field research in Earth Tomog­ra­phy. He also has 15 years of expe­ri­ence cre­at­ing more than $500 mil­lion in process improve­ments for numer­ous indus­tries. His patents have rev­o­lu­tion­ized pho­topoly­mer appli­ca­tions, dig­i­tal imag­ing, and high-speed man­u­fac­tur­ing processes cre­at­ing more than 5 thou­sand jobs. His tech­nol­ogy is used on at least two plan­ets to explore for water and other com­pounds. Dr. Agnew dis­cusses how the entire uni­verse is still a sin­gu­lar­ity actu­ally folded up inside of you.

Viewpoints: Kate with Dr. John Brandenburg on Mars

Mars_1Dr. John Bran­den­burg, author of “Life and Death On Mars: The New Mars Syn­the­sis” dis­cusses the evi­dence of a large nuclear reac­tor process on Mars around 200 mil­lion years ago. He believes that com­po­nents in the Mar­t­ian atmos­phere sug­gest that a nuclear cat­a­stro­phe took place on Mars.