Kate welcomes UFO researcher Billy Booth

Billy Booth has been a UFO researcher and writer for over 30 years. He has con­tributed to many books on the sub­ject, and is known as an expert on eval­u­at­ing UFO pho­tographs and video. He has amassed a large data­base of UFO sighings.

Kate Valentine welcomes Dr. Kevin D. Randle prominent ufologist and author.

Dr. Ran­dle dis­cusses his new book When UFOs Fall From the Sky: A His­tory of Famous Inci­dents, Con­spir­a­cies, and Cover-Ups. Web com­ments and call ins from the audience.

KV at the Mufon 2010 Int’l UFO Symposium Press Conference

Press con­fer­ence with Stan­ton Fried­man, Kath­leen Mar­den, Kevin Ran­dle and Marc D’ Anto­nio from the Mufon 2010 Int’l UFO Sym­po­sium Press Conference.