Kate with Author Chris Lambright

Chris Lam­bright author of X-Descending which doc­u­ments how pri­vate study of an unpub­lished day­light, multi-witness UFO movie, filmed by vet­eran UFO researcher Ray Stan­ford, resulted in a major aero­space propul­sion breakthrough.

X Desk Publishing

Kate with Matt Lyons BUFORA Chairman

Topic: UFOs in the UK
The team of BUFORA is a com­mit­tee with a wide diver­sity of skills rang­ing from psy­chol­ogy, pho­tog­ra­phy, sci­ence, folk­lore, research, astron­omy and inves­ti­ga­tions, with study and pub­lic assis­tance from all cat­e­gories of sight­ing and wit­ness experiences.

Kate with Frank C. Feschino, Jr.

After Feschino’s orig­i­nal 2004 book was poorly edited, changed and
rearranged by his pub­lisher, Frank fought back and right­fully regained
the book’s pub­lish­ing rights after a five year con­fronta­tion. Now, Con­tinue read­ing