Viewpoints: Kate with Michael Murphy Chemtrails

Michael Mur­phy Chemtrails

Film­maker (What in the World Are They Spray­ing?) and polit­i­cal activist Michael J. Mur­phy talks about new evi­dence for chem­trail spray­ing and geo-engineering. The very weird weather pat­terns we’ve recently been expe­ri­enc­ing could be related to cli­mate con­trol, geo-engineering, and chem­trail spray­ing. Weather mod­i­fi­ca­tion, Project HAARP and other top­ics were discussed.

Kate talks Crop Circles with Patty Greer

Patty Greer Film­maker of “The Wake Up Call — Any­body Lis­ten­ing?” A Crop Cir­cle Doc­u­men­tary, “UFOs ETs Abductees & Bril­liant Minds”, “2012 We’re Already In It” and “Crop Cir­cles 2010 Update — The Wake Up Call”

Viewpoints: Kate talks with Dr. Lynne Kitei about The Phoenix Lights

Kate talks with Dr. Lynne Kitei inter­na­tion­ally acclaimed physi­cian and health edu­ca­tor who pushed aside her suc­cess­ful med­ical career to pur­sue The Phoenix Lights book and inter­na­tion­ally award-winning Doc­u­men­tary project. She was lead­ing the cut­ting edge era of early dis­ease detec­tion and pre­ven­tion as Chief Clin­i­cal Con­sul­tant of the Imaging-Prevention-Wellness Cen­ter at the world renowned Ari­zona Heart Insti­tute in Phoenix, Ari­zona until com­ing for­ward, after seven years of anonymity, as a key wit­ness to the his­toric and still unex­plained mass sight­ing through­out Ari­zona on March 13, 1997.