Grant Cameron Kate Valentine UFO Show Area 51

Grant Cameron Kate Valentine UFO Show Area 51

Grant Cameron

In this inter­view Grant dis­cusses Pres­i­dents and UFOs, his take on the gov­ern­ment coverup and his new book Area 51 and Gov­ern­ment Informants.

Cameron com­pleted a col­lec­tion of hun­dreds of car­toons about UFOs which was set up to help to tell the 50+ years of this strange phe­nom­ena. A Pow­er­Point col­lec­tion of these car­toons was shown at the 2003 Ozark convention.

He has lec­tured widely in Canada, Europe, and the United States on the 1975 Car­man flap, the Cana­dian government’s early inves­ti­ga­tions into fly­ing saucers, UFO dis­clo­sure pol­i­tics, the Rock­e­feller UFO Ini­tia­tive, and the Pres­i­den­tial UFO con­nec­tion. Con­tinue read­ing

Kate with Thomas Reed and Branden Wellington

Topic : United Nations UFO Abduc­tion Inter­view . We will be touch­ing on the fact Thomas Reed’s father was killed on Oct 2nd — the same day the case was put before the United Nations in 1992. (14 years after, to the day.

Kate with Frank Feschino and Alfred Lehmberg

Flat­woods Mon­ster book
The Brax­ton County Monster-REVISED EDITION-The Cover-Up of the Flat­woods Mon­ster Revealed. Also join­ing us, Alfred Lehm­berg writer for UFO Mag­a­zine and UFO aficionado.

Kate with George Filer

Topic: Orbs, Chas­ing UFOs in a Air Force Plane and Mars.
George Filer, National UFO Center’s George Filer of Filer’s Files and MUFON East­ern Direc­tor. To get your copy of Fil­ers Files Newslet­ter send email to

Kate with Ed Komarek

Topic : UFOs Exopol­i­tics and the New World Dis­or­der.
Ed Komarek is a long­time UFO/ET inves­ti­ga­tor and activist hav­ing been involved in the field for forty years. Ed has a new book UFOs Exopol­i­tics and the New World Disorder.