Kate with Niara Terela Isley

Niara Terela Isley As an expe­ri­encer of extrater­res­trial abduction/contact and strange milab-type expe­ri­ences while in the Air Force, Niara gained deep insights into the work­ings of our world and the roles that dif­fer­ent groups of extrater­res­tri­als may be play­ing in it. Today Niara works to raise pub­lic aware­ness about the real­ity of extrater­res­tri­als, to shed light on the machi­na­tions of the “shadow gov­ern­ment” and re-frame it all in a life-affirming and hope-filled vision of where we may be headed as a species.

Viewpoints: Kate with Major George Filer

Our guest Major George Filer was an Air Force Intel­li­gence Offi­cer who not only had an extra­or­di­nary encounter with a mas­sive UFO on radar over the United King­dom. George Filer has a “must read” weekly newslet­ter called Filer’s Files. Check it out www.nationalufocenter.com

Kate with John Spencer Space Travel

John Spencer is con­sid­ered a lead­ing expert in cre­ation and design of real space facil­i­ties and space ship inte­ri­ors for NASA and pri­vate space enter­prise, as well as space and future-themed sim­u­la­tion attrac­tions, resorts, camps and media for the gen­eral pub­lic. He is the founder and chief designer of the Space Expe­ri­ence Design Stu­dio (SED). Over $300 mil­lion has been invested into build­ing his orig­i­nal space/future themed con­cepts to date.