Examination of Paranormal and UFO Hot Spots Dr Peter McCue

Author Dr P. A. McCue joins Kate Valen­tine to dis­cuss his book Exam­i­na­tion of Para­nor­mal and UFO Hot Spots.  Fri­day Novem­ber 15 2013


Exam­i­na­tion of Para­nor­mal and UFO Hot Spots Dr Peter McCue

Peter worked for many years as a clin­i­cal psy­chol­o­gist. He lives in Scot­land. His qual­i­fi­ca­tions include a Ph.D., from the Uni­ver­sity of Glas­gow, awarded for a the­sis on hypnosis.

Peter’s inter­est in psy­chi­cal research and UFO phe­nom­ena goes back decades. He’s the author of numer­ous arti­cles on these sub­jects (see select bib­li­og­ra­phy below) and a recently pub­lished book, Zones of Strange­ness: An Exam­i­na­tion of Para­nor­mal and UFO Hot Spots. He believes that para­nor­mal phe­nom­ena occur, and that many UFO expe­ri­ences are gen­uinely anom­alous. He con­tends that if we want to obtain a com­pre­hen­sive under­stand­ing of our­selves and the nature of real­ity, these enig­matic phe­nom­ena can’t be ignored.

Exam­i­na­tion of Para­nor­mal and UFO Hot Spots

Over the cen­turies, there’ve been many reports, world­wide, of unex­plained phe­nom­ena. Cer­tain areas seem to play host to a dis­pro­por­tion­ate num­ber of them, either tem­porar­ily or on a long-term basis. Some places acquire a rep­u­ta­tion for just one type of man­i­fes­ta­tion. Oth­ers seem to be the set­ting for a vari­ety of them – for exam­ple, cat­tle muti­la­tions, sight­ings of strange ani­mals, and UFO phenomena.

Can the reports be believed? Are the phe­nom­ena gen­uinely para­nor­mal? Do cer­tain areas really see an unusu­ally high num­ber of anom­alous events? What’s behind the man­i­fes­ta­tions? Do they involve extra-terrestrials, crea­tures from ‘other dimen­sions’, time trav­ellers, the work­ings of the human mind, or some sort of higher intelligence?

These are just some of the ques­tions that Peter addresses in Zones of Strange­ness: An Exam­i­na­tion of Para­nor­mal and UFO Hot Spots. This 560-page book cites a mass of case mate­r­ial from the UK, the USA and else­where, and also includes foun­da­tion chap­ters that dis­cuss the­o­ries about haunt­ings, UFOs and other strange phenomena.

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  1. On the 16 Sep­tem­ber 1994 2 extrater­res­tri­als deliv­ered a mes­sage — con­cern­ing our nuclear weapons — to 62 chil­dren at Ruwa in Zimbabwe.

    John E. Mack inter­viewed the chil­dren and then trans­mit­ted that mes­sage to the world: to all of us as individuals.

    My friends, it is now time for you to respond to that message.

    Please read this arti­cle to find out how:

    ET has asked you a ques­tion — he is wait­ing for you to respond.

  2. Enjoyed the show, avid ufo hunter, six sight­ings, early chid­hood encounter, my theary is that the jok­sters are in real­ity dev­er­sions decoys at times. They play the role to dev­ert you away from the actual event that is tak­ing place. I enjoyed the Brack­ston account with the appar­ent machan­i­cal mon­ster. that I feel strongly was a dev­er­sion. The acual beings were there but minip­u­lated this decoy so not to be dis­cov­ered or seen. AGAin not all sight­ings are equal or same in nature only that at some occa­sion this tac­tic is employed to hide the actual event. Thanks for your won­der­ful show. DC

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