Frank Feschino and Alfred Lehmberg on the KV Ufo Show

Frank Feschin

Frank Feschino joined by Alfred Lehm­berg debuts Frank’s new book The New 2013 “Updated & Revised
Edi­tion” Brax­ton County Mon­ster book.

Many good ques­tions and com­ments for the guests. Take a lis­ten and you will get a taste of Shoot Them Down as well.



61st Anniver­sary of the Brax­ton County Monster

One thought on “Frank Feschino and Alfred Lehmberg on the KV Ufo Show

  1. I have spent a bit of time with Frank Feschino a few years ago at Point Pleas­ant, West Vir­ginia dur­ing the annual Moth­man Fes­ti­val and later at Flat­woods, West Vir­ginia hon­or­ing the 50th anniver­sary of the Flat­woods Inci­dent. Frank’s inves­ti­ga­tions are impres­sive. The evi­dence in the Flat­woods case shows me that a real inci­dent did indeed take place in 1952. I uncov­ered two wit­nesses, myself, who saw the craft approach­ing the area on the day of the inci­dent. Also, I am per­son­ally aware of one inci­dent involv­ing the mil­i­tary los­ing air­craft to UFOs 1n 1988 detailed in my web­site. With the mil­i­tary lying about los­ing any air­craft at that time. Frank and Alfred make a win­ning team. Peo­ple should lis­ten to them and take them very seri­ously. Alan Cavi­ness UFO Inves­ti­ga­tor in North Car­olina 14 years

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