Informal UFO Talk from Washington DC

jessieDeniseKateUFO Talk. Kate with spe­cial guests Dr. Kevin D. Ran­dle, Stan­ton Fried­man, Dr. Jessie Mar­cel, Jr., and  Denise Mar­cel. Kate catches a few nota­bles at the 2013 Citizen’s Hear­ing in Wash­ing­ton, DC this past April for some can­did conversation.kevin-kate-stanton

4 thoughts on “Informal UFO Talk from Washington DC

  1. UFO
    Are from this planet. Remanent’s of the last world that God destroyed as this world was destroyed 4 times before this is now the 5 Th. world since cre­ation. They live under water in Antarc­tic and they have advance sci­ence but don’t believe in God and have no holy ness about them they are shed­dim as the bible describes them. The six sided star sym­bol we see on the bot­tom side of the saucer is the dia­gram of there mag­netic energy machine that gets energy pos­si­bly from the sun as described by Nikoli Tesla books. They need women they are real , they need women for sex­ual repro­duc­tion. They can­not come near you if you shout the Shema yis­rael pray at them (
    Hear oh israel i am the lord your God the lord is one „„ as on the door post mezuzah writ­ten.) the kab­bal­is­tic books and Zohar books that teach all secret hid­den facts of the Bible talk about them.

  2. UFO
    Are the nif­filim. as men­tioned in the bible in gen­e­sis
    They described them in Hebrew as they that fall from the sky sim­ply mean­ing in descrip­tion that they come from above. They are rema­nents of this world as God cre­ated this world 4times before and they are those sur­vivors from the last world this is the 5 world of course we have Torah mean­ing com­mand­ments they live under water in Antarc­tica and they have advance sci­ence to cre­ate form of energy and fly in these disc like saucers with self pro­pelled energy that’s why we see some times the Star of David type shape under them this is the dia­gram of a 6 sided star shape that is the dia­gram of there mag­netic energy machine that they need to sup­ply energy. They need women for repro­duc­tion so they come here to kid­nap and take women to sur­vive. This is writ­ten in our books on the Zohar and kab­bal­is­tic books that tell us many hid­den unknown secrets that only the Jew­ish Hebrew books have. Of course they are not holy and when you shout at them the pray “Shema yis­rael ” or hear oh israel as writ­ten in the mezuzah they ran away from you. I have wit­nessed them in the dessert in Israel at night in 1973 as they tried to get close to me at night they have hands legs head human type body look­ing but shaped as all the diss­crip­tions we see of them before . They do come from this planet not else­where but they are caper able to travel all over with there fly­ing energy machines or ufo disc ships. Any feed back send me

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  4. Good point that J.M. Sr. wouldn’t have brought home and awoken his fam­ily just to show them some flimsy pieces of Mogul balloons.

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