Kate Valentine Final Show Friday November 22 2013

Kate Valen­tine Final Show


Kate Valentine Final Show

Join Kate for her fare well show Fri­day Novem­ber 22nd, 2013 at 1pm on WVNJ am 1160. As announced at the end of last week’s show, Kate will be doing a recap of three years of shows and giv­ing her con­clu­sions based on her inter­view­ing of over one hun­dred authors, inves­ti­ga­tors, expe­ri­encers, wit­nesses, mem­bers of the mil­i­tary and many more. Kate has asked that you put your ideas into her last WVNJ show by adding your com­ments and obser­va­tions to the Com­ments page. Keep your eye on the sky!

13 thoughts on “Kate Valentine Final Show Friday November 22 2013

  1. Thank you so very, very much, Kate. As stated by so many oth­ers, your style has always been hon­est and unique. There’s sim­ply no other pod­caster like you. You have the worst theme song in ufol­ogy but the nicest and hum­blest pres­ence, imbued with sin­cer­ity and a keen intel­li­gence. Thank you, thank you. I’ll be wait­ing to hear what your next project will be.


  2. It’s really dif­fi­cult to accept the fact that you are fin­ished. It’s after Christ­mas. I’ve been so busy that I just dis­cov­ered that you’re gone. I hope you are in good health and that you haven’t been given a forced retire­ment. I loved your UFO show and your easy sweet style that made you unique among the oth­ers. If VNJ was respon­si­ble I can only say that they have made a costly mis­take. There are too many things hap­pen­ing in our skies that can­not be explained , with too few peo­ple will­ing to come for­ward. You, Kate, were the mes­sen­ger. And from here I won­der if any­one will come to fill that void. If, in fact it was low rat­ings, then I feel sorry for all of us who may have thought it was just silly enter­tain­ment. If you don’t believe an advanced intel­li­gence can exist than how can you be pre­pared if they do. Liv­ing in a state of denial ( I can’t han­dle the truth! ) only makes us sit­ting ducks for dom­i­na­tion. Kate, VNJ has lost the Voice on 1160 in New Jersey.

  3. Kate,

    Need­less to say, you will be missed. A class show in every way,

    Good luck in your future endeavors!

    Chuck and Carolyn

  4. Im sure you have your rea­son for no con­tin­u­ing the show but im sure like all weekly lis­ten­ers we are all going to miss your weekly show. Like just about every post your show really has been the best.
    I hope you will be keep­ing peo­ple updated with what ever or where every you decide to move on too as i like many lis­ten­ers will be want­ing to hear from you again.
    Thank you so much for the time and effort you and your team went to, to put together your show it will be missed by many.
    Good luck, and Thank you so much again
    Syd­ney — Australia

  5. I’ve just been to iTunes to down­load the lat­est pod­cast and was hor­ri­fied to dis­cover it’s the last! In the fetid swamp of Ufol­ogy, with its egos and back­bit­ing, The Kate Valen­tine UFO Show was a breath of fresh air. I’ll miss you!

  6. I am very sad and upset that the Kate Valen­tine Show is end­ing. This is a sad shock! I LOVE this show and won­dered why it is end­ing? Kate is one of the few very tal­ented women in the field. VERY sorry to lose such a great UFO radio and pod­cast show host in this under­re­ported and very enter­tain­ing area. To think that I will not be able to look for­ward to a new show every week from Kate will be very sad for me

    • Amen to that! I feel the same way, and to my knowl­edge, (hav­ing been lis­ten­ing to these types of Shows only 2 years), Kate was the only Female Host of such a show, and an Excel­lent Inter­viewer. Though there ARE other Shows with equally Great Guests, the Hosts, lack the Finesse, Kate has, as an Inter­viewer. Unlike these other Hosts, she always allowed the Guests to fin­ish their Thoughts, w/o Inter­rup­tion; NEVER asked Lead­ing, Self-Serving Ques­tions; and NEVER lost her Pro­fes­sional Demeanor dur­ing the Show, w/ sto­ries of Per­sonal Prob­lems, Money Prob­lems, etc., (see the British show by: host Howard Hughes’ “The Unex­plained” to see what I mean. He has Fan­tas­tic Guests, but his Demeanor is soooo Annoy­ing and Unprofessional—interrupting the Guest con­tin­u­ously, in mid-sentence— that I keep yelling at my iPod Touch, for him to “Shut-Up, and let the Guest Talk, already”). This is just one exam­ple; there are many oth­ers, all equally either Rude, Infan­tile, and/or Immature/Unprofessional in some way or another.

      You’re right, the KV UFO Show Was indeed a Breath of Fresh Air. Los­ing her Show is a HUGE LOSS to the Lis­ten­ing Pub­lic, who love Clear, Pro­fes­sional, Unbi­ased, and Well-Informed Inter­views, with all things UFO, and ancil­lary Matters.

      Kate, It is my Sin­cere Hope this is only a Sab­bat­i­cal for you. We Need You!

      Namastè, Clarisse L. Dodge, a Fel­low Expe­ri­encer, Inter­ested in the Truth.

  7. Oh no, this is a disaster.…..Friday nights will never be the same. What are Katie’s plans for the future and can she let us know ??

  8. What a HUGE Loss to the UFO/Paranormal, (and all things strange) Com­mu­nity it is to Lose you, Kate!!! :((

    I’ve been an avid Lis­tener of sev­eral (and I do mean lots of) Paranormal/UFO-Type Shows, and have ran into the Gamut of the Ones that are down­right Infan­tile, to ones that use Lan­guage I object to, to sev­eral where the Host is Disin­gen­u­ous, and/or Rude, or Self-Serving, to ones who now Charge you to lis­ten to them; to the ones that try to Scare you into prepar­ing your­self for the worst, w/ Sur­vival­ist Adver­tis­ing, etc…

    Your Inter­view­ing Style was Pro­fes­sional, Knowl­edge­able, Intel­li­gent, Dis­arm­ing, and most of all, HONESTLY-Interested. (How do I know all this? I’ve a Bach­e­lors in Journalism-Investigative/Editorial-meaning Print)–Retired, due to Illness–who holds at least 1 World­wide Jour­nal­is­tic Scoop.

    ALL the Other Pro­grams sim­i­lar to yours don’t hold a can­dle (or a 1000) to Yours. Your Absence on my Fri­days WILL be Sorely Missed.

    Hope­fully, you have some other Project in the works, and if you DO, Please, Please, Please, keep my e-mail address, and let me know about it, as soon as you’re sched­uled to go on Air.

    Apro­pos, I too have had unex­plain­able Expe­ri­ences, of the Weird, Unusual kind, as well as mul­ti­ple instances of “Night Ter­ror” events, in my Life–hence my Inter­est in clear, Unbi­ased, Intel­li­gent and Sci­en­tific Infor­ma­tion in these mat­ters. Where will I find them now? Really! I’ve learned SO MUCH about myself, from Your Guests, I’m now tak­ing steps to explore what I’ve hereto­fore been afraid to look at. YOU have made it pos­si­ble for me to lose that fear.

    Thank You, and Hope­fully, this is not a Farewell, but a See You Soon,

    Clarisse, Writer, Composer/Pianist, “Sen­si­tive” by Nature; Cer­ti­fied Reiki II Practitioner

  9. Hello Kate,

    I have lis­tened to every one of your shows, includ­ing your View­points pro­gram. As a retired police offi­cer, I had to remain unbi­ased and open-minded as I con­ducted my investigations.

    Apply­ing the same regard­ing the UFO phe­nom­e­non, I def­i­nitely see a lot of “smoke”, but can­not reach a pos­i­tive con­clu­sion based on the cur­rent evi­dence. Hav­ing been wit­ness with my older brother and two neigh­bor boys to three EBEs at the age of six, and to close encoun­ters with five UFOs dur­ing my life­time, I know there is some­thing else, I just don’t know whether they are aliens from another planet, dimen­sion or time or if they are of human manufacture.

    I can­not ade­quately express how much I have enjoyed your pro­grams and will miss you deeply. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

    Doug Schultz

  10. Hello Kate,
    I noticed the recent title is the final show. Does this mean you won’t be doing shows any­more? Where are you going, what are your plans. I heard every show.

    Weekly Inter­ested Listner

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