Kate with Jim Strait

Jim Strait the author of Weird Mis­souri www.weirdmissouri.com , spent eight weeks, drove 8500 miles, vis­ited sev­eral hun­dred venues, spoke with hun­dreds of Mis­souri­ans, and took 2700 pho­tos in an effort to find odd, strange, out­ra­geous and extra­or­di­nary peo­ple, places and things in the Show-me-State. Jim will talk exten­sively about all things para­nor­mal, ghostly, crop cir­cles, cat­tle muti­la­tions, and UFO based sto­ries and inci­dents to include a UFO inci­dent in 1941…six years before Roswell.

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