UFO Questions and Live Comments

UFO Ques­tions and Com­ments Page for inter­ac­tion dur­ing the live broadcast.

If you have ufo ques­tions or com­ments for our guest dur­ing the show you can post them here.  If you sub­scribe to the pod­cast and lis­ten after the show has aired please feel free to add your com­ments here as well.

Have you seen a UFO? Do you believe we are alone in this mas­sive uni­verse? How do we explain UFO sight­ings? Why doesn’t the media report sight­ings? What about the Gov­ern­ment? Is there a cover-up? Will the U.S. release files? Join The Kate Valen­tine UFO Show on its Jour­ney for Answers on the weekly radio pro­gram or sub­scribe to the pod­cast series that has been run­ning since Jan­u­ary 8th, 2010. The pod­cast is avail­able here on the web­site through email sub­scrip­tion or at the iTunes store, free of charge.


383 thoughts on “UFO Questions and Live Comments

  1. Miss you and your show already. Good luck in what you do next. The Atlantic Coast UFO show was well done and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you, the guests, and the staff.

  2. Since the 1970s UFO sight­ing have esca­lated 10 fold. Who, or what is vis­it­ing planet earth?
    Appar­ently, there are few 3D races who have learned to use craft to tra­verse long dis­tances. How­ever, many denser realms of con­scious­ness have devel­oped craft capa­ble of using nat­ural energy waves to travel upon.
    Most, so called “UFOs” seen within the earth planes are those cre­ated by the secret government(s) work­ing in con­junc­tion with other dimen­sional races. There­fore, there many var­i­ous races “out there”, and each has its own rea­sons for vis­i­ta­tions.
    Some it’s to study and some it’s to main­tain the men­tal manip­u­la­tion they have enjoyed for count­less gen­er­a­tions. Oth­ers are vis­i­tors from our future, and we are their 3D past resid­ing within a time loop where it is easy for them to visit beings that they reside out­side of the time/space con­tin­uum. Are we their bio­log­i­cal kin­folk?

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