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UFO Ques­tions and Com­ments Page for inter­ac­tion dur­ing the live broadcast.

If you have ufo ques­tions or com­ments for our guest dur­ing the show you can post them here.  If you sub­scribe to the pod­cast and lis­ten after the show has aired please feel free to add your com­ments here as well.

Have you seen a UFO? Do you believe we are alone in this mas­sive uni­verse? How do we explain UFO sight­ings? Why doesn’t the media report sight­ings? What about the Gov­ern­ment? Is there a cover-up? Will the U.S. release files? Join The Kate Valen­tine UFO Show on its Jour­ney for Answers on the weekly radio pro­gram or sub­scribe to the pod­cast series that has been run­ning since Jan­u­ary 8th, 2010. The pod­cast is avail­able here on the web­site through email sub­scrip­tion or at the iTunes store, free of charge.


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  1. Dear Fahrusha : For a long time I have enjoyed lis­ten­ing to Kate on the pod­cast usu­ally around 4 pm walk­ing my dog every Fri­day after­noon here at Cat­tle Point Urban Star Park, in Oak Bay, Vic­to­ria, BC, Canada. But recently I have noticed a “change in heart” with her casual state­ments like “per­haps we will never know”. I was wor­ried some­thing might have “got to her”. Say a health or polit­i­cal pres­sure. If you sim­ply scan through her guest list you can find a won­der­ful his­toric cat­a­log of human explo­ration of the hypoth­e­sis “that we are not alone”. I real­ize you and Kate are close and you might not be able to divulge the real rea­son for this move. But I do need to thank her through you and pray her health is fine. 2013 has been a momen­tous year. With Kepler now esti­mat­ing there are 144 bil­lion exo­plan­ets around sun like stars, every child on the planet believes “Life is a Cos­mic Phe­nom­e­non”. Right now we are expe­ri­enc­ing Comet ISON. Sir Arthur C Clarke once wrote that we would have to wait for the return of Halley’s Comet to ver­ify that watery comets carry the seeds of life. In fact ISON, unlike Hal­ley (with its 80 year ellip­ti­cal orbit) is a hyper­bolic comet likely from another solar sys­tem. What an oppor­tu­nity we have over the next 3 months. NASA is point­ing ALMA and Hub­ble at ISON and we are search­ing for the sig­na­tures not just of com­plex mol­e­cules, but the very mol­e­cules needed by DNA. By Feb­ru­ary 2014 I am expect­ing Tony Remi­jan ( aremijan@nrao.edu ) to deliver a paper pro­vid­ing real evi­dence that ISON is not just 99% water, but even car­ries the required mol­e­cules of life. Please pass this link below to KateV — it is a free (NO COPYRIGHT) eBook on COMET ISON.

    • Because you lis­ten to the KV show, you may remem­ber that I sup­port the Pansper­mia hypoth­e­sis of Sir Fred Hoyle and KV guest Chan­dra Wick­ra­masinge and I sus­pect that this paper you men­tion will bol­ster this hypoth­e­sis from the­ory to fact. :-) The late Ter­rance McKenna pro­posed that earthly mycol­ogy sprang from spores deposited from space, because spores can with­stand the rig­ors of space.
      I’ll be sure to take a read of the book, Comet ISON and pass it to Kate.
      To my knowl­edge, Kate is fine but needs a bit of a break to think and decide what direc­tion to go in next. Thanks very much for your comment.

  2. Kate…

    So sorry to hear we will no longer hear the UFO Show on Fridays….But hope­fully you are going to con­tinue in the field and keep us up to speed on your lat­est adventures !

    You always had the great­est range of guests and topics !

    Wish­ing you all the best, and stay in touch with us through email updates !

    Thanks for every­thing you’ve done for us UFOlogists !

    Richard Cut­ting
    Mil­gram And The Fast­walk­ers

  3. Going to miss the show Kate, for me my all time Favourite show was with Travis Wal­ton as well as the Betty and Bar­ney abduc­tion, I hope you we can still lis­ten to the back shows, and good luck with what ever your going to do?

  4. Yes -
    So many dif­fer­ent per­verse Alien / tem­po­rary 4 year elected govt deals signed for self­ishly for greed and power have obvi­ously gone bad as they do not want to accept the present Dis­clo­sure with par­don against crimes against humanity.

  5. Kate– I’ve heard every broad­cast in the past 3 years & learned so much as you inter­viewed each & every guest. You asked if there was some­one who got me more inter­ested in Ufology…that would be you Kate. You have reached peo­ple around the world & will be sorely missed Kate. Good luck on any & all your future jour­neys & thank you :)

  6. your ques­tion: where should UFO reseach go now?
    My opin­ion, if you look deeply into the “miss­ing per­sons” who the author­i­ties have absolutely no leads on there will be a con­nec­tion to either time travel or UFOs.
    Or maybe these vis­i­tors are tak­ing these peo­ple to alter our future.
    I know it sounds like a movie plot, but I think there is a causal rela­tion­ship between the 2.
    With advances in sci­ence and the abil­ity of peo­ple to get ahold of new and bet­ter science/detective equip­ment this is fer­tile ground to reseach

  7. Accord­ing to the French doc­u­men­tary Dark side of the Moon the land­ing was real w Arm­strong but but what we saw on TV was actors on Wal­ter Kul­brick 2001 Space Odassey set. In doc­u­men­tary Rums­feld and Wells (CIA) admit­ted they had to do this because the cam­era film would not sur­vive +- 200C temps needed to prove polit­i­cally that they did it.

  8. My best UFO bud­dies to speak to one on one have been You, Kate, and David Bied­ney, image ana­lyst and one time co-host on the Para­cast. Talk­ing to both of you has been sup­port­ive and help­ful and informational.

    The moon may have been mined and there­fore some­what hol­low and evi­dence may be on the far side.

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