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We cre­ated this UFO blog site so you will find it eas­ier to access the more than 250 UFO shows we have broad­casted and archived. To the right you can see a drop down box with cat­e­gories to find shows that relate to those sub­jects. You can also see a list of guests and authors that have appeared on the show. Kate reads their books and brings the sub­ject mat­ter to you along with the author on her show. Its a great way to become famil­iar with many books on the UFO ques­tion, space, sci­ence and decide if you would like to invest  the pur­chase of them.

Many peo­ple have com­mented on iTunes about the fact that Kate’s UFO Shows are an excel­lent resource for those that have an inter­est in UFOs and are look­ing for a place to get to know who are the author­i­ties on the sub­ject. Through Kate’s shows lis­ten­ers get famil­iar with the land­mark cases, key gov­ern­ment doc­u­ments, and the authors that bring research and new ideas to the public.

I’ve been involved in UFO stud­ies for more than thirty years and a guest on more radio shows than I can remem­ber. But I can tell you that Kate Valen­tine is one of my all time favorite radio hosts. Why? Because she has done her home­work, read the lit­er­a­ture and met with the most sig­nif­i­cant peo­ple in the field mak­ing her incred­i­bly knowl­edge­able on the sub­ject of UFOs, because she is an out­stand­ing inter­viewer, and because she is sim­ply one of the few radio hosts with the courage and curi­ousity to address and re-address this usu­ally derided, dis­torted and mis­un­der­stood sub­ject. Sub­scribe to “The Kate Valen­tine Show” pod­scast — you won’t regret it.”

Peter Rob­bins, inves­tiga­tive writer, researcher, lec­turer, and co-author of the British best seller, “Left At East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendle­sham For­est UFO Inci­dent, Its Cover-up and Inves­ti­ga­tion“

Kate Valentine’s UFO Shows are some of the most pro­fes­sional shows deal­ing with the UFO sub­ject. Kate is a won­der­ful host, and she is gen­uinely inter­ested in what her guests have to say.”

Jason McClel­lan
Web Pro­ducer | Radio Pro­ducer
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