Steve Pierce witness to Travis Wal­ton Abduc­tion Friday 10/11/13

Steve Pierce witness:

Kate’s Guest: Steve Pierce has become well known as the main wit­ness in one of the most famous cases in ufol­ogy, the ‘Travis Wal­ton Abduc­tion.’ A movie of the event was filmed called ‘Fire in the Sky”.

steve_pierce_ftr-300x144Steve was only sev­en­teen years old, when work­ing as a log­ger as a crew of seven near Snowflake, Ari­zona. All seven men saw some­thing that would for­ever change their lives when they encoun­tered an out of place bright light on the evening of Nov. 5, 1975. As the men got closer to the light, they could see it was a craft hov­er­ing just above the trees. One of the men, Travis Wal­ton, exited the truck and headed towards the craft. Steve, hav­ing a win­dow seat in the truck, wit­nessed a beam of light bolt from the craft and hit Travis, send­ing him fly­ing through the air. The men took off sud­denly, and upon return­ing a short time later, Travis was nowhere to be found.

The towns­folk became divided, when Steve and five co-workers were accused of mur­der­ing Travis. Reporters from all over the world arrived in the small town of Snowflake and hounded the men and their fam­i­lies. Steve took a poly­graph test which showed he was telling the truth of wit­ness­ing an unusual craft. The poly­graph also showed Steve was telling the truth when he claimed he had not mur­dered Travis or knew of any­one else that mur­dered Travis or knew of Travis’s whereabouts.

Steve went into hid­ing for almost four decades, but was being tracked in those early years by UFO skep­tic, Philip Klass. Klass offered Steve a large sum of money to change his story and claim it was a hoax.

Steve speaks at UFO con­ven­tions and appears on numer­ous radio pro­grams. He also appeared on the tele­vi­sion pro­gram ‘Para­nor­mal Wit­ness’ titled ‘The Abduc­tion’ in Octo­ber 2012.

Steve decided to try to bring out more of his mem­o­ries through hyp­notic regres­sion with Yvonne Smith where he under­went three regres­sions in 2013.

Steve has only recently come out to tell his side of the story and what’s hap­pened to him since he went on to become a long haul truck dri­ver and is now retired. Steve is also in the midst of writ­ing a book about his life story

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  2. Hi,
    Always like the shows pod­casted thru itunes, but really enjoyed the Steve Pierce episode. He was a great guest; and as always, Kate, you make it easy for these brave peo­ple to tell their expe­ri­ences clearly. Thank you & your crew for the show.

    Sin­cerely, Lori

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  4. Kate,

    The down­load for this episode seems sped up a bit. It’s weird to lis­ten to. Can some­one cor­rect it? Excited to hear the episode

  5. Kate, I’ve been try­ing to con­tact Steve — and unsuc­cess­fully, via Travis W. — for about 2 weeks regard­ing the “offer’ from the Abom­inable No-Man, Philip Klass. Will there be a call-in seg­ment on your upcom­ing show?

      • Enjoyed the show and got out of it exactly what I required! I’ll also be in con­tact with another of the log­gers tomor­row for more info.…Incidentally, if you’re curi­ous about my Klass inter­est,… Klass pulled the same crap with ME in 2000, regard­ing my close asso­ci­a­tion with Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso (“The Day After Roswell” author) and Corso telling me face to face in Dec. 1997 that “he — Klass — knows that I know he was in the CIA in the 1950s”(!!), with Linda Moul­ton Howe wit­ness­ing the com­ment. (PJK offered me $10,000.00 if I could “prove’ that claim but he died before I got around to it.
        Don Smith sug­gested that I be a guest on your pro­gram some­time regard­ing my over­all UFO-Roswell’s OK if it never happens.…but I’m delighted to have heard Steve give a good overview of the Wal­ton Inci­dent today. Thanks!

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