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The Alien Abduction FilesKate wel­comes back Kath­leen Mar­den and Denise Stoner to answer alien abduc­tion ques­tions and dis­cuss their new book, The Alien Abduc­tion Files: The Most Star­tling Cases of Human Alien Con­tact Ever Reported. Kath­leen and Denise answer lis­ten­ers ques­tions about what abduc­tions are really like and why they hap­pen in the first place.

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Viewpoints: Kate with Denise Stoner

denise stonerDenise Stoner has been an Inde­pen­dent UAP Researcher since the early 1990s. Stoner joined MUFON in the mid 1990’s as a Field Inves­ti­ga­tor and was later appointed as the Chief Inves­ti­ga­tor for Florida.

Denise Stoner has spo­ken on a num­ber of radio shows, and at many UFO con­fer­ences in the South East­ern United States about the UAP phe­nom­e­non. She has per­son­ally inves­ti­gated well over 250 UAP and Abduc­tion cases.

Mrs. Stoner was for­mally employed by the U.S. NAVY as a back­ground inves­ti­ga­tor and later worked in a mil­i­tary research facil­ity as a train­ing coor­di­na­tor, focused on new mil­i­tary weaponry.

Dur­ing the BAASS MUFON SIP Project she was employed as a Lead Dis­patcher and STAR Team Inves­ti­ga­tor. Stoner’s expe­ri­ence includes research work­ing with ‘expe­ri­encers’ involved in reported alien abduc­tion encoun­ters as a Research Inves­ti­ga­tor and a Cer­ti­fied Clin­i­cal hyp­no­tist. You can con­tact her at