Frank Feschino and Alfred Lehmberg on the KV Ufo Show


Frank Feschin

Frank Feschino joined by Alfred Lehm­berg debuts Frank’s new book The New 2013 “Updated & Revised
Edi­tion” Brax­ton County Mon­ster book.

Many good ques­tions and com­ments for the guests. Take a lis­ten and you will get a taste of Shoot Them Down as well.



61st Anniver­sary of the Brax­ton County Monster

Kate with Frank Feschino and Alfred Lehmberg

Flat­woods Mon­ster book
The Brax­ton County Monster-REVISED EDITION-The Cover-Up of the Flat­woods Mon­ster Revealed. Also join­ing us, Alfred Lehm­berg writer for UFO Mag­a­zine and UFO aficionado.