Kate with Nigel Kerner

Topic: Who are the tran­shu­man­ists? The ques­tion Nigel asks is do we want our chil­dren to face a future in which their nat­ural human­ity is sac­ri­ficed for the sake of arti­fi­cial enhance­ment. Con­tinue read­ing

Viewpoints: Kate’s guest Nigel Kerner

Kate Valen­tine speaks with Nigel Kerner author, screen writer and jour­nal­ist. The dis­cus­sion: Grey aliens are sophis­ti­cated bio­log­i­cal robots who seek to obtain human souls. Through the manip­u­la­tion of DNA, these aliens hope to cre­ate their own souls and escape the mate­r­ial universe.