Kate with Kathleen Marden and Stanton Friedman

Kath­leen Mar­den and Stan­ton Friedman

50th anniversary of the Betty and Barney Hill abductionLive inter­view with Kate in New Hamp­shire from the 50th anniver­sary of the Betty and Bar­ney Hill abduc­tion. As the niece of Betty Hill, Kathy had the oppor­tu­nity to observe and learn from many of the great late abduc­tion researchers in action. As such, she has been able to present sub­stan­tial evi­dence that the Betty and Bar­ney Hill UFO abduc­tion was pos­si­bly a veridi­cal experience.

KV at the Mufon 2010 Int’l UFO Symposium Press Conference

Press con­fer­ence with Stan­ton Fried­man, Kath­leen Mar­den, Kevin Ran­dle and Marc D’ Anto­nio from the Mufon 2010 Int’l UFO Sym­po­sium Press Conference.