Turkey UFO Clearly Shows Aliens


Aston­ish­ing video footage is claimed to be the “most impor­tant images of a UFO ever filmed” and is said to even depict ALIENS.

The shots were cap­tured by night guard Yal­cin Yal­man in a com­pound in Turkey ear­lier this year.

The 42-year-old and a num­ber of res­i­dents claim the UFOs were spot­ted over a four month period between May and Sep­tem­ber near the com­pound in Istan­bul. Con­tinue read­ing

ANUNNAKI Marshall Klarfeld


Anun­naki Mar­shall Klarfeld

kate valentine ufo showMar­shall Klar­feld grad­u­ated with an engi­neer­ing degree from CALTECH in 1951,
after study­ing under such lumi­nar­ies as Nobel Lau­re­ate pro­fes­sors Richard Feyn­man
and Linus Paul­ing. Fas­ci­nated by what he con­sid­ered advanced sci­en­tific knowl­edge
in the Bible’s story of cre­ation, Klar­feld embarked on a quest to unravel the mys­ter­ies
sur­round­ing humanity’s early his­tory. His work has led him to pub­lish three books,
ADAM, the Miss­ing Link, GILGAMESH 10, and The ANUNNAKI Con­tinue read­ing

The Annunaki Were Here


The Annunaki Were Here — Mar­shall Klarfeld

posted by Kevin Flint

To date Mar­shall has made eight appear­ances on the pop­u­lar “Coast to Coast AM” radio
pro­gram, and recently was inter­viewed by Shirley MacLaine.
He has appeared on The His­tory Channel’s pop­u­lar “Ancient Aliens” tele­vi­sion show.

Guest Stephen Bassett Bringing the Case to the United Nations


Fri­day Octo­ber 18th Kate’s guest Stephen Bassett
After the very suc­cess­ful Cit­i­zen Hear­ing on Dis­clo­sure (CHD) held in the Spring of 2013, to which the CHD brought 40 wit­nesses from 10 coun­tries to the National Press Club in Wash­ing­ton, DC to tes­tify for 30 hours over 5 days before 6 for­mer mem­bers of the U. S. Con­gress, Stephen Bas­sett now plans to bring the cast to the United Nations and will be dis­cussing it with Kate on this show. Con­tinue read­ing