Steve Pierce witness to Travis Wal­ton Abduc­tion Friday 10/11/13


Steve Pierce witness:

Kate’s Guest: Steve Pierce has become well known as the main wit­ness in one of the most famous cases in ufol­ogy, the ‘Travis Wal­ton Abduc­tion.’ A movie of the event was filmed called ‘Fire in the Sky”.

steve_pierce_ftr-300x144Steve was only sev­en­teen years old, when work­ing as a log­ger as a crew of seven near Snowflake, Ari­zona. All seven men saw some­thing that would for­ever change their lives when they encoun­tered an out of place bright light on the evening of Nov. 5, 1975. As the men got closer to the light, they could see it was a craft hov­er­ing just above Con­tinue read­ing

Cynthia Crawford Podcast with Kate Valentine Friday October 4th


Cyn­thia Craw­ford joins Kate Valentine

Cynthia_Crawford_ET_sculptorCyn­thia Craw­ford was born a twin, but with totally dif­fer­ent blood and tis­sue type than her sis­ter and the rest of her fam­ily. Her father worked on top-secret mis­sions for the OSS; and she remem­bers being taken to under­ground mil­i­tary med­ical facil­i­ties for test­ing and exam­i­na­tions dur­ing her child­hood, also endur­ing numer­ous alien abduc­tions, exam­i­na­tions and impreg­na­tions, as well as mirac­u­lous heal­ings. Con­tinue read­ing

NJ UFO Paranormal Conference November 9th 2013


NJ UFO Para­nor­mal Con­fer­ence Novem­ber 9th 2013 at the Hamil­ton Hilton in Hamil­ton N.J.

Well its that time of year again UFO and Para­nor­mal researchers, enthu­si­asts and anao­moly buffs!! We’ve put together a great fall con­fer­ence for you!
This years fall con­fer­ence will be a one day con­fer­ence on Novem­ber 9th, 2013 at the Hamil­ton Hilton in Hamil­ton N.J. In order to get the max­i­mum ben­e­fit of the speak­ers, we will be start­ing at 9:30 am and push lunch until 2 o’clock, end­ing at 8 pmTicket cost will be $45 and can be paid in advance on our web­site via Pay­Pal or at the door. Con­tinue read­ing

Kate Valentine UFO Show Anthony F. Sanchez

Kate Valen­tine UFO Show

ufo-highwayFri­day Sep­tem­ber 20th, 1pm EDT on 1160 WVNJ Guest Author and Researcher Anthony F. Sanchez talks with Kate Valen­tine about the under­ground Mil­i­tary Base, Dulce and his book The UFO Highway.

6th annual 2013 Pittsburgh UFO CONFERENCE



Mutual UFO Net­work Announces

Fall UFO Conference

The Mutual UFO Net­work (MUFON) of Penn­syl­va­nia is pleased to announce the 6th annual 2013 Pitts­burgh UFO CONFERENCE to be held Sat­ur­day Nov 2 2013. The loca­tion will be at the West­more­land County Com­mu­nity Col­lege in the Sci­ence Build­ing, 145 Pavil­ion Lane, Young­wood, PA, 15697. (724) 925‑4000.

For those who are fans of Ancient Aliens, UFO Files, or just won­der about the pos­si­bil­ity of intel­li­gent life in the uni­verse, you now have a chance to meet and min­gle with real-life pro­fes­sion­als who sci­en­tif­i­cally inves­ti­gate these things.  An orga­ni­za­tion called MUFON shuns the UFO TV lime­light and instead, their highly qual­i­fied experts, who include indi­vid­u­als from all the sci­ences, go about qui­etly inves­ti­gat­ing reports of unusual sight­ings and expe­ri­ences that pos­si­bly involve the extrater­res­trial. Con­tinue read­ing