Viewpoints: Kate Valentine talks with Michael Luckman

Michael Luck­man is direc­tor of the New York Cen­ter for Extrater­res­trial Research and founder of the Cos­mic Major­ity, an orga­ni­za­tion that seeks to advance the views of the major­ity of peo­ple liv­ing on planet Earth who believe in UFOs, life on other plan­ets through­out the Uni­verse, the para­nor­mal, the New Age and the sanc­tity of the environment.

From Elvis to the Bea­t­les, from Michael Jack­son to Mar­i­lyn Man­son, rock stars claim to have seen, com­muned with, been inspired by, and some­times even descended from extrater­res­tri­als. Alien Rock by Michael Luck­man is an irrev­er­ent, illu­mi­nat­ing, all-access pass to the stars’ unearthly encounters–some friendly, some fright­en­ing, and some frankly bizarre, includ­ing: • The birth of Elvis was marked by the appear­ance ofa mys­te­ri­ous blue light over his house. • In August 1974, John Lennon spied a UFO from the win­dow of the pent­house he shared with then-girlfriend, May Pang. • Mick Jag­ger and Mar­i­anne Faith­full encoun­tered a lumi­nous cigar-shaped moth­er­ship while camp­ing in the Eng­lish coun­try­side in 1968. • Jimi Hen­drix told a friend, “I am a spir­i­tual mes­sen­ger, sent here from another place.” Whether you’re a UFO skep­tic or a true believer, Alien Rock pro­vides a fas­ci­nat­ing new per­spec­tive on the long, strange trip that is rock ‘n’ roll his­tory, and sug­gests that, wher­ever the road takes us, we may not be trav­el­ing alone.

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