Viewpoints: UFO researcher and author Ann Druffel

UFO researcher and author Ann Druf­fel dates her inter­est in the UFO ques­tion from 1945 when, as a school­girl, she viewed a bright yel­low­ish object, very high in clear blue skies over Long Beach, Cal­i­for­nia. She and her mother, Aileen Walsh McEl­roy, watched the object as it slowly trav­eled west­erly. After about an hour and one-half, hav­ing trav­eled about 30 degrees from the NNE to the NNW, it then released 15–20 smaller shiny objects, which took vary­ing paths out and away from the main object. Years later, it was deter­mined that this sight­ing occurred at about the same time the first exper­i­men­tal atom bomb was exploded in New Mexico.

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