61st Anniversary of the “Braxton County Monster”

61st Anniversary of the  "Braxton County Monster"

Flatwoods20Monster20Front20Cover20BAttached  is a link to a new article to  commemorate the 61st
 Anniversary of the "Braxton County Monster" incident of
September 12, 1952. 
On this day, let us not forget those brave persons involved in this
terrifyng UFO incident that have since passed on:

*Kathleen May-"Monster" Eyewitness.

*Teddy Neal-"Monster" Eyewitness.

*Margaret Clise-Flatwoods UFO Witness.

*Jack Davis-Flatwoods UFO Witness.

*Colonel Dale Leavitt -WVNG Commander.

*A. Lee Stewart, Jr.-Newspaper Reporter.

*Gray Barker-Author and Investigator.

*Ivan T. Sanderson-Author and Researcher.

Major Donald Keyhoe-Author and Pioneer UFO Researcher.


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