Alien Human­ity Project this Friday 7–12-13 Vin­cenzo Macrino

66491855The Alien Human­ity Project

July 12th, 2013 Vin­cenzo Macrino for­mer police sergeant who has spent the last fif­teen years of his life in law enforce­ment and nuclear pro­tec­tion. He will be dis­cussing the Alien Human­ity Project

One thought on “Alien Human­ity Project this Friday 7–12-13 Vin­cenzo Macrino

  1. It’s inter­est­ing that a lot of these folks are speak­ing about Human­i­ty and Aliens and he is just anoth­er per­son adding to the soup pot. We already know about Dr. Steven Greer and his Sir­ius Dis­clo­sure project, Lisa and Stan Romanek and his abduc­tions and mes­sages, James Gilliland with his ranch in Wash­ing­ton State. Why don’t we all work togeth­er as a col­lec­tive and put all of our resources for the main goal. Uni­ty, new tech­nol­o­gy (not using gas any­more or oil) and let’s start being a plan­et that ET’s would be hap­py to vis­it ver­sus watch us destroy it. Just my 2 cents. bobby_drake from Face­book. Take care Kate.

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