Ancient Astronaut Theory with Vincenzo Macrino




Vin­cenzo Macrino for­mer police sergeant who has spent the last fif­teen years of his life in law enforce­ment and nuclear pro­tec­tion. Vin­cen­zo talks with Kate about his book HUMANITY: The Alien Project An Ancient Astro­naut The­o­ry, ter­raform­ing, and the Annuna­ki.

Kosta Makreas ET Contact

Kosta-Makreas-ET-Lets-Talk-940x360ET Con­tact: Kate wel­comes Kos­ta Makreas co-founder of and fea­tured in the doc­u­men­tary Sir­ius, break­ing the long-held Gov­ern­ment Secre­cy regard­ing the truth of the ET pres­ence on Earth. Kos­ta dis­cuss­es the ET Let’s Talk project where par­tic­i­pants world wide fol­low a pro­to­col to make con­tact with ETs.

CRAIG CAMPOBASSO Stranger at the Pentagon

Craig Campobasso


Craig has com­plet­ed the fea­ture-length screen­play “Stranger at the Pen­ta­gon” from the book by Dr. Frank E. Stranges that was first released in 1967. It remains a UFO clas­sic to date. He is set to direct the fea­ture film with a 1950s Tech­ni­col­or look on Earth and a far-futur­is­tic look on board the Vic­tor Class Saucers, Star­ship and on oth­er plan­ets where the peo­ple live on the inte­ri­or of their worlds. He has just fin­ished direct­ing the short film ver­sion in Jan­u­ary 2013 based on his fea­ture-length screen­play.


The land­ing of Valiant Thor was per­haps the first doc­u­ment­ed land­ing of a human-type alien by mil­i­tary offi­cials. He met with Pres­i­dent Eisen­how­er and Vice Pres­i­dent Richard Nixon for an hour, then the alien was put on VIP sta­tus and shut­tled back to the Pen­ta­gon.”  –Harley Byrd, Project Blue Book, Unit­ed States Air Force

Stranger at the Pen­ta­gon” is inspired by True Events from the book of the same name. It was first pub­lished in 1967. It remains a UFO clas­sic to date.


Dr. Chan­dra Wick­ra­mas­inghe discusses Pansper­mia

Kate Valentine UFO Show guest- Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe

Dr. Chan­dra Wick­ra­mas­inghe

Dr. Chan­dra Wick­ra­mas­inghe So we are not alone after all. Kate’s guest: Dr. Chan­dra Wick­ra­mas­inghe Direc­tor of the Cardiff Cen­tre for Astro­bi­ol­ogy dis­cusses pansper­mia, proof of extrater­res­trial life and Red Rain.

Grant Cameron Kate Valentine UFO Show Area 51

Grant Cameron Kate Valentine UFO Show Area 51

Grant Cameron

In this inter­view Grant dis­cuss­es Pres­i­dents and UFOs, his take on the gov­ern­ment coverup and his new book Area 51 and Gov­ern­ment Infor­mants.

Cameron com­plet­ed a col­lec­tion of hun­dreds of car­toons about UFOs which was set up to help to tell the 50+ years of this strange phe­nom­e­na. A Pow­er­Point col­lec­tion of these car­toons was shown at the 2003 Ozark con­ven­tion.

He has lec­tured wide­ly in Cana­da, Europe, and the Unit­ed States on the 1975 Car­man flap, the Cana­di­an gov­ern­men­t’s ear­ly inves­ti­ga­tions into fly­ing saucers, UFO dis­clo­sure pol­i­tics, the Rock­e­feller UFO Ini­tia­tive, and the Pres­i­den­tial UFO con­nec­tion. Con­tin­ue read­ing