Chris Holly Her Recent Orb Sightings

Chris Hol­ly talks with Kate Valen­tine about her recent orb sight­ings in Long Island, NY, HAARP, and South Haven Park, NY

How quickly we forget the UFO crash at South Haven Park, NY in 1992

Chris Hol­ly

Chris Hol­ly spent a great deal of her life build­ing dif­fer­ent entre­pre­neur ven­tures, how­ev­er her one true pas­sion has always been writ­ing.
Long ago she found it far eas­i­er to explain the para­nor­mal by way of a true sto­ry told in an inter­est­ing form. She lived a life filled with extreme expe­ri­ences and unique events involv­ing that which we do not under­stand.

Chris felt it her des­tiny to tell these true events to the world by way of her short sto­ries or arti­cles based on true reports told to her by those who read her work. Chris is known to be a writer who will pro­tect her sources under­stand­ing how dif­fi­cult the world can be to those who come for­ward with expe­ri­ences of the unknown. Chris learned how cold the world can be to those who have encoun­tered the para­nor­mal. She learned this les­son as a young woman after her own UFO event.

2 thoughts on “Chris Holly Her Recent Orb Sightings

  1. Good show this week Kate,

    Chris Hol­ly is extra­or­di­nary! She is so inter­est­ing. She sounds so ded­i­cat­ed, and frus­trat­ed!!

    Pass on our appre­ci­a­tion to her, I will fol­low her web­site now,

    All the best

    Matt Thel­well


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