May 31st Show Kate with Jason Chapman

Kate  will  author Jason Chapman

tails-majesticTales from Majes­tic is set in 1947 in the after­math of the Roswell UFO crash. The plot line fol­lows the Majes­tic 12 group that Tru­man alleged­ly set up to inves­ti­gate the wreck­age. Some of the sto­ry­line focus­es on spe­cif­ic mem­bers Van­nevar Bush, Roscoe Hil­lenkot­ter. As the sto­ry pro­gress­es I am intro­duc­ing more char­ac­ters both fic­tion­al and actu­al peo­ple from his­to­ry.

The rea­son behind this short sto­ry series is that I was huge fan of the X Files and Dark Skies in the 90s, as well as Spielberg’s Tak­en. I feel that the pub­lish­ing indus­try is being dom­i­nat­ed by Vam­pires, were­wolves, and Zom­bies. I thought it was about time lit­er­a­ture was avail­able with an alien themed sub­ject.

I have also writ­ten a book called The Angel Com­mit­tee set in 1952 when Sir Win­ston Churchill write a memo express­ing inter­est­ed in fly­ing saucer. From that memo I have writ­ten a nov­el fea­ture a fic­tion­al Cam­bridge Pro­fes­sor who is dragged into a mys­tery involv­ing alien, CIA and KGB Agents.

I have an authors page on Ama­zon and have been get­ting great reviews from both Ama­zon US and Ama­zon UK
Art­work from Jason’s books:

Yours sin­cere­ly

Jason Chap­man.

2 thoughts on “May 31st Show Kate with Jason Chapman

  1. Final­ly caught up with the show. I’ve been a long time fan of Jason’s art­work, I’m not sure why I’ve put off read­ing his books. I’m cer­tain­ly going to hop right on that.

    I espe­cial­ly enjoyed hear­ing you dis­cuss the neces­si­ty of sci­ence fic­tion, espe­cial­ly “fac­tu­al” fic­tion about ufol­o­gy. I’ve often tried to express the impor­tance of, not just edu­ca­tion, but also inspi­ra­tion in order to draw peo­ple into find­ing out more about UFOs. For me, Close Encoun­ters of the Third Kind drew me to a lec­ture by J. Allen Hynek and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    I do think that if we can make a UFO themed piece of enter­tain­ment a house­hold word, the num­ber of peo­ple who want to seri­ous­ly research the top­ic will have to increase. At least that’s been my goal with my work. And I cer­tain­ly wish Jason all the best with his endeav­ors.

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