Kate Valentine Final Show Friday November 22 2013

Kate Valentine Final Show


Kate Valentine Final Show

Join Kate for her fare well show Fri­day Novem­ber 22nd, 2013 at 1pm on WVNJ am 1160. As announced at the end of last week’s show, Kate will be doing a recap of three years of shows and giv­ing her con­clu­sions based on her inter­view­ing of over one hun­dred authors, inves­ti­ga­tors, expe­ri­encers, wit­ness­es, mem­bers of the mil­i­tary and many more. Kate has asked that you put your ideas into her last WVNJ show by adding your com­ments and obser­va­tions to the Com­ments page. Keep your eye on the sky!

13 thoughts on “Kate Valentine Final Show Friday November 22 2013

  1. Thank you so very, very much, Kate. As stat­ed by so many oth­ers, your style has always been hon­est and unique. There’s sim­ply no oth­er pod­cast­er like you. You have the worst theme song in ufol­o­gy but the nicest and hum­blest pres­ence, imbued with sin­cer­i­ty and a keen intel­li­gence. Thank you, thank you. I’ll be wait­ing to hear what your next project will be.


  2. It’s real­ly dif­fi­cult to accept the fact that you are fin­ished. It’s after Christ­mas. I’ve been so busy that I just dis­cov­ered that you’re gone. I hope you are in good health and that you haven’t been giv­en a forced retire­ment. I loved your UFO show and your easy sweet style that made you unique among the oth­ers. If VNJ was respon­si­ble I can only say that they have made a cost­ly mis­take. There are too many things hap­pen­ing in our skies that can­not be explained , with too few peo­ple will­ing to come for­ward. You, Kate, were the mes­sen­ger. And from here I won­der if any­one will come to fill that void. If, in fact it was low rat­ings, then I feel sor­ry for all of us who may have thought it was just sil­ly enter­tain­ment. If you don’t believe an advanced intel­li­gence can exist than how can you be pre­pared if they do. Liv­ing in a state of denial ( I can’t han­dle the truth! ) only makes us sit­ting ducks for dom­i­na­tion. Kate, VNJ has lost the Voice on 1160 in New Jer­sey.

  3. Kate,

    Need­less to say, you will be missed. A class show in every way,

    Good luck in your future endeav­ors!

    Chuck and Car­olyn

  4. Im sure you have your rea­son for no con­tin­u­ing the show but im sure like all week­ly lis­ten­ers we are all going to miss your week­ly show. Like just about every post your show real­ly has been the best.
    I hope you will be keep­ing peo­ple updat­ed with what ever or where every you decide to move on too as i like many lis­ten­ers will be want­i­ng to hear from you again.
    Thank you so much for the time and effort you and your team went to, to put togeth­er your show it will be missed by many.
    Good luck, and Thank you so much again
    Syd­ney — Aus­tralia

  5. I’ve just been to iTunes to down­load the lat­est pod­cast and was hor­ri­fied to dis­cov­er it’s the last! In the fetid swamp of Ufol­o­gy, with its egos and back­bit­ing, The Kate Valen­tine UFO Show was a breath of fresh air. I’ll miss you!

  6. I am very sad and upset that the Kate Valen­tine Show is end­ing. This is a sad shock! I LOVE this show and won­dered why it is end­ing? Kate is one of the few very tal­ent­ed women in the field. VERY sor­ry to lose such a great UFO radio and pod­cast show host in this under­re­port­ed and very enter­tain­ing area. To think that I will not be able to look for­ward to a new show every week from Kate will be very sad for me

    • Amen to that! I feel the same way, and to my knowl­edge, (hav­ing been lis­ten­ing to these types of Shows only 2 years), Kate was the only Female Host of such a show, and an Excel­lent Inter­view­er. Though there ARE oth­er Shows with equal­ly Great Guests, the Hosts, lack the Finesse, Kate has, as an Inter­view­er. Unlike these oth­er Hosts, she always allowed the Guests to fin­ish their Thoughts, w/o Inter­rup­tion; NEVER asked Lead­ing, Self-Serv­ing Ques­tions; and NEVER lost her Pro­fes­sion­al Demeanor dur­ing the Show, w/ sto­ries of Per­son­al Prob­lems, Mon­ey Prob­lems, etc., (see the British show by: host Howard Hugh­es’ “The Unex­plained” to see what I mean. He has Fan­tas­tic Guests, but his Demeanor is soooo Annoy­ing and Unprofessional—interrupting the Guest con­tin­u­ous­ly, in mid-sen­tence— that I keep yelling at my iPod Touch, for him to “Shut-Up, and let the Guest Talk, already”). This is just one exam­ple; there are many oth­ers, all equal­ly either Rude, Infan­tile, and/or Immature/Unprofessional in some way or anoth­er.

      You’re right, the KV UFO Show Was indeed a Breath of Fresh Air. Los­ing her Show is a HUGE LOSS to the Lis­ten­ing Pub­lic, who love Clear, Pro­fes­sion­al, Unbi­ased, and Well-Informed Inter­views, with all things UFO, and ancil­lary Mat­ters.

      Kate, It is my Sin­cere Hope this is only a Sab­bat­i­cal for you. We Need You!

      Namas­tè, Clarisse L. Dodge, a Fel­low Expe­ri­encer, Inter­est­ed in the Truth.

  7. Oh no, this is a disaster.…..Friday nights will nev­er be the same. What are Katie’s plans for the future and can she let us know ??

  8. What a HUGE Loss to the UFO/Paranormal, (and all things strange) Com­mu­ni­ty it is to Lose you, Kate!!! :((

    I’ve been an avid Lis­ten­er of sev­er­al (and I do mean lots of) Para­nor­mal/U­FO-Type Shows, and have ran into the Gamut of the Ones that are down­right Infan­tile, to ones that use Lan­guage I object to, to sev­er­al where the Host is Disin­gen­u­ous, and/or Rude, or Self-Serv­ing, to ones who now Charge you to lis­ten to them; to the ones that try to Scare you into prepar­ing your­self for the worst, w/ Sur­vival­ist Adver­tis­ing, etc…

    Your Inter­view­ing Style was Pro­fes­sion­al, Knowl­edge­able, Intel­li­gent, Dis­arm­ing, and most of all, HON­EST­LY-Inter­est­ed. (How do I know all this? I’ve a Bach­e­lors in Jour­nal­ism-Inves­tiga­tive/Ed­i­to­r­i­al-mean­ing Print)–Retired, due to Illness–who holds at least 1 World­wide Jour­nal­is­tic Scoop.

    ALL the Oth­er Pro­grams sim­i­lar to yours don’t hold a can­dle (or a 1000) to Yours. Your Absence on my Fri­days WILL be Sore­ly Missed.

    Hope­ful­ly, you have some oth­er Project in the works, and if you DO, Please, Please, Please, keep my e‑mail address, and let me know about it, as soon as you’re sched­uled to go on Air.

    Apro­pos, I too have had unex­plain­able Expe­ri­ences, of the Weird, Unusu­al kind, as well as mul­ti­ple instances of “Night Ter­ror” events, in my Life–hence my Inter­est in clear, Unbi­ased, Intel­li­gent and Sci­en­tif­ic Infor­ma­tion in these mat­ters. Where will I find them now? Real­ly! I’ve learned SO MUCH about myself, from Your Guests, I’m now tak­ing steps to explore what I’ve hereto­fore been afraid to look at. YOU have made it pos­si­ble for me to lose that fear.

    Thank You, and Hope­ful­ly, this is not a Farewell, but a See You Soon,

    Clarisse, Writer, Composer/Pianist, “Sen­si­tive” by Nature; Cer­ti­fied Rei­ki II Prac­ti­tion­er

  9. Hel­lo Kate,

    I have lis­tened to every one of your shows, includ­ing your View­points pro­gram. As a retired police offi­cer, I had to remain unbi­ased and open-mind­ed as I con­duct­ed my inves­ti­ga­tions.

    Apply­ing the same regard­ing the UFO phe­nom­e­non, I def­i­nite­ly see a lot of “smoke”, but can­not reach a pos­i­tive con­clu­sion based on the cur­rent evi­dence. Hav­ing been wit­ness with my old­er broth­er and two neigh­bor boys to three EBEs at the age of six, and to close encoun­ters with five UFOs dur­ing my life­time, I know there is some­thing else, I just don’t know whether they are aliens from anoth­er plan­et, dimen­sion or time or if they are of human man­u­fac­ture.

    I can­not ade­quate­ly express how much I have enjoyed your pro­grams and will miss you deeply. Best of luck in all your future endeav­ors.

    Doug Schultz

  10. Hel­lo Kate,
    I noticed the recent title is the final show. Does this mean you won’t be doing shows any­more? Where are you going, what are your plans. I heard every show.

    Week­ly Inter­est­ed List­ner

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