Kate with Preston Dennett

Top­ic: UFOs Over New Mex­i­co: A True His­to­ry of Extrater­res­tri­al Encoun­ters in the Land of Enchant­ment.

Pre­ston Den­nett began inves­ti­gat­ing UFOs and the para­nor­mal in 1986 when he dis­cov­ered that his fam­i­ly, friends and co-work­ers were hav­ing dra­mat­ic unex­plained encoun­ters. Since then, he has inter­viewed hun­dreds of wit­ness­es and inves­ti­gat­ed a wide vari­ety of para­nor­mal phe­nom­e­na. He is a field inves­ti­ga­tor for the Mutu­al UFO Net­work (MUFON), a ghost hunter, a para­nor­mal researcher, and the author of thir­teen books and more than 100 arti­cles on on UFOs and the para­nor­mal.

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