Kate with Scott & Suzane Ramsey

[audio hhttp://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheKateValentineUfoShow/~5/dUsfyGauqVY/4–27-12.mp3]

The 1948 Aztec crash. In their book The Aztec Inci­dent: Recov­ery at Hart Canyon they present to the pub­lic their find­ings about the 1948 disc recov­ery. Since their mar­riage, the Ram­sey’s have trav­eled to 26 states, gath­er­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion, inter­view­ing wit­ness­es and search­ing archives for secrets relat­ing to Aztec. Scot­t’s 30 years in the elec­tri­cal mag­net­ic indus­try and Suzan­ne’s back­ground in media have led them to explore areas pre­vi­ous­ly uncov­ered, includ­ing 55,000 plus relat­ed doc­u­ments.

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