UFO Questions and Live Comments

UFO Questions and Comments Page for interaction during the live broadcast.

If you have ufo ques­tions or com­ments for our guest dur­ing the show you can post them here.  If you sub­scribe to the pod­cast and lis­ten after the show has aired please feel free to add your com­ments here as well.

Have you seen a UFO? Do you believe we are alone in this mas­sive uni­verse? How do we explain UFO sight­ings? Why doesn’t the media report sight­ings? What about the Gov­ern­ment? Is there a cov­er-up? Will the U.S. release files? Join The Kate Valen­tine UFO Show on its Jour­ney for Answers on the week­ly radio pro­gram or sub­scribe to the pod­cast series that has been run­ning since Jan­u­ary 8th, 2010. The pod­cast is avail­able here on the web­site through email sub­scrip­tion or at the iTunes store, free of charge.


390 thoughts on “UFO Questions and Live Comments

  1. I have real­ly enjoyed your show, and will con­tin­ue to do so with the pod­casts.

    You have unmatched enthu­si­asm for the sub­ject!


  2. Hi Kate,
    I would like to thank you for all the won­der­ful shows I’ve lis­tened to — you have such an easy-going man­ner but still man­age to ask guests prob­ing ques­tions. Good luck with all that you do in future — I shall miss you.
    Best wish­es,
    Mar­lene (Scot­land)

  3. say it isnt so.…I just dis­cov­ered you abt 12 mos ago…and now you’re leav­ing? please do some­thing sim­i­lar soon.…
    Robert in Alaba­ma

  4. I shall real­ly miss the KV show … It has been one of the high­lights of my weeks … Please let me know what you will do next? I lis­ten to Coast­to­Coas­tAM, YOU & Bin­nall of Amer­i­ca but I like your how best Kate! … Bri­an

  5. Kate, I very sad that you are leav­ing I have lis­ten to a lot of UFO shows, you are the best, your shows are very bal­ance. I hope that you will be back, the best you and your future


  6. Hel­lo Kate and the UFO Radio Show team.
    Thank you for deliv­er­ing what has to be one of the great­est radio shows ever, I par­tic­u­lar­ly enjoyed lis­ten­ing to your show as your easy going style, ques­tions you posed were always designed to get the best from the guest and at no point you ever rude unlike oth­er shows.

    I’m real­ly going to miss the show as they helped me to unwind after a work day and was one of the reli­able sources keep­ing me abreast of the field of ufol­o­gy.

    It is always good to fin­ish on a high but I thought you had at least anoth­er hun­dred shows to go.

    All the best with your future ven­tures and thank you once again.
    Ron P

  7. Kate, great show, thanks for the week­ly pod­casts. I looked for­ward to down­load­ing them every Fri­day night. You should keep pod­cast­ing.

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