The Turkey UFO Case Why It Matters and What We Know Friday Nov 1st


The Turkey UFO Case Podcast

Kate’s guest is Ryan Shane dis­cussing the Turkey UFO case.
The Kum­burgaz, Turkey UFO sight­ings of 2007–2009

The Kum­burgaz, Turkey UFO inci­dent involves sev­er­al wit­ness­es who live in the local vil­lage, exten­sive­ly ana­lyzed video, a report by the Sci­en­tif­ic and Tech­nol­o­gy Research Board of Turkey (which is spon­sored by the gov­ern­ment), video show­ing uniden­ti­fied fly­ing objects filmed at extreme­ly close range, and was wit­nessed by Con­tin­ue read­ing