Steve Pierce witness to Travis Wal­ton Abduc­tion Friday 10/11/13


Steve Pierce witness:

Kate’s Guest: Steve Pierce has become well known as the main wit­ness in one of the most famous cases in ufol­ogy, the ‘Travis Wal­ton Abduc­tion.’ A movie of the event was filmed called ‘Fire in the Sky”.

steve_pierce_ftr-300x144Steve was only sev­en­teen years old, when work­ing as a log­ger as a crew of sev­en near Snowflake, Ari­zona. All sev­en men saw some­thing that would for­ev­er change their lives when they encoun­tered an out of place bright light on the evening of Nov. 5, 1975. As the men got clos­er to the light, they could see it was a craft hov­er­ing just above Con­tin­ue read­ing

Kate with Pat Marcattilio,Travis Walton and Steve Pierce


Pat Mar­cat­tilio, Pat had his first UFO sight­ing 1963 and has been a UFO buff ever since. Pat hosts the New Jer­sey / Penn­syl­va­nia / Hamil­ton UFO Study Group which has been run­ning con­tin­u­ous­ly for 18 years.

Plus Sur­prise on air guests abductee Travis Wal­ton and wit­ness Steve Pierce.