Turkey UFO Clearly Shows Aliens

Aston­ish­ing video footage is claimed to be the “most impor­tant images of a UFO ever filmed” and is said to even depict ALIENS.

The shots were cap­tured by night guard Yal­cin Yal­man in a com­pound in Turkey ear­li­er this year.

The 42-year-old and a num­ber of res­i­dents claim the UFOs were spot­ted over a four month peri­od between May and Sep­tem­ber near the com­pound in Istan­bul.

He said: I dont know what these things are. We filmed them sev­er­al times and they are total­ly unknown to us. I was very excit­ed when I saw them and I want the world to know that UFOs do exist.

Almost two-and-a-half hours of footage was filmed fea­tur­ing a vari­ety of objects rang­ing from incred­i­ble fly­ing saucer-type ‘craft’ to clus­ter­ing orb-like lights hov­er­ing in the night sky.

The clips were hand­ed to the Sir­ius UFO Space Sci­ence Research Cen­tre in Turkey who inter­viewed wit­ness­es and painstak­ing­ly combed through the footage frame by frame.

Inter­na­tion­al UFO researcher Hak­tan Akdo­gan said: “In this amaz­ing video footage, phys­i­cal forms of UFOs and their metal­lic struc­tures are clear­ly notice­able.

What is more impor­tant is that in the close-up of some footages of the objects, enti­ties in them can be dis­tinct­ly made out.”

He con­tin­ues: “We have spo­ken with all of the wit­ness­es and had detailed analy­sis con­duct­ed on all two-and-a-half hours of footage.

After con­duct­ing all of the analy­sis we came to the con­clu­sion that this video footage is 100 per cent gen­uine.

The objects filmed are struc­tured objects and are not the result of misiden­ti­fi­ca­tion or nat­ur­al phe­nom­e­na, air­craft or astro­nom­i­cal objects.

They are not the results either of any kind of com­put­er ani­ma­tion. Now is it a time for world gov­ern­ments to acknowl­edge the real­i­ty of UFOs.”

He added: “The images cap­tured on film are expect­ed to have a tremen­dous impact through­out the world and they are the most impor­tant UFO images ever caught on cam­era.”

The footage will be revealed at the UFO Data Mag­a­zine annu­al con­fer­ence in Pon­te­fract, West Yorks, on Octo­ber 25.

And it has earned the seal of approval from British experts.

UFO Data Mag­a­zine edi­tor Rus­sell Callaghan said: “This video footage from Turkey, if authen­tic, rep­re­sents a seri­ous chal­lenge to sci­ence. I can hon­est­ly say that this footage is tru­ly unique.”

4 thoughts on “Turkey UFO Clearly Shows Aliens

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  2. thank you for look­ing into this, I have always won­dered why these videos passed under the radar. when I first saw them they real­ly intrigued me, and found it weird that nobody in the media ever fol­lowed up on them, as far as I know any­ways

  3. On the first image the “moon­light” is on the left. In the sec­ond image the light come from the right. The third image has the light on the left again. All three images of the craft look iden­ti­cal.

    • Please watch the entire Orig­i­nal video before mak­ing any assump­tions. Ive noticed peo­ple try­ing to debunk this very cred­i­ble video record­ed quite a few times of this craft w/occupants that would leave and return for three years in this exact spot. Over 52 eye wit­ness reports. Dr. Roger Lear also caught it on his cam­corder when he was in Istan­bul on med­ical purposes(surgeon). To answer your ques­tion, this craft was all over the place in that same area off shore around 3–4 miles. If you watch the video you will see it fly­ing side to side. One thing about these videos, they are proven to be gen­uine. The Sci­ence Insti­tute of Istan­bul tried to debunk these vids when the craft would con­stant­ly show up and then get put on the front page of their news­pa­per and every mag­a­zine in Istan­bul. Instead of debunk­ing the videos, the small teams actu­al­ly rein­forced the fact that there was no manip­u­la­tion in any way of these videos. Oth­er video analy­sis groups also was con­vinced. If you cant take an entire insti­tu­tion of Sci­ence’s word for it, who can you take’s word for it. Ive been research­ing and study­ing these videos every since the day they sur­faced 3–4 years ago. “Turkey Istan­bul Ufo Orig­i­nal” is the name on youtube, which should take you to the first orig­i­nal video from 2008, and then you can decide for your­self but keep in mind , its already been proven by a peer review of video analy­sis groups to be ” not a hoax”.

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