Viewpoints: Kate’s guest John Ventre author of 12/21/2012 A Prophecy

John Ven­tre, the Penn­syl­va­nia State Direc­tor for MUFON stat­ed, “We’re get­ting clus­ters of sight­ings from every town from Pitts­burgh to Philly along the south­ern half of the state. We have 151 reports in the Pitts­burgh-West­more­land Coun­ty area and 355 in the Philly area. I get reports of UFO’s com­ing in from Lake Erie in Ohio and across Wheel­ing, West Vir­ginia into the Pitts­burgh area and they are seen min­utes lat­er on the East­ern part of the state.” John will be dis­cussing his book 12/21/2012 A Prophe­cy which answers today’s rel­e­vant polit­i­cal, social, racial, and reli­gious ques­tions.

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