Podcast 1 Shattered Reality featuring Don Ecker

Don Ecker
Don Ecker

Shattered Reality featuring Don Ecker
Kate Valentine and Fahrusha discuss moon anomalies with veteran radio personality and ufologist Don Ecker of Dark Matters Radio. This is the premiere episode (10/10/14) of our new podcast. We hope you will like it.

8 thoughts on “Podcast 1 Shattered Reality featuring Don Ecker”

      1. Hi Farusha, sorry for not saying hi, I remember you as a guest a few times on Kate’s show. The show was great, and Don was a great guest! I found dark matters radio, after Kate finished the UFO show last year. So I am so happy that you are back, and I have another great show to look forward to each week! Give my regards to Kate, and I hope she is well, good look for the future, I look forward to some amazing shows! Matt Thelwell – United Kingdom

    1. Hi Mike,I am looking forawrd to hearing about your experiences with Mr. Hopkins and I appreciate the time you take to share your voice and thoughts with us, the listening audience. I find your podcast both free flowing and on topic, and that is not found everywhere. The most interesting podcasts can do that. Red Ice, Chris Knowles where ever he guests, and often Freeman can do it as examples. Anyway, take your time- it will be worth it!Best wishes, Delorus

    1. Hi Anthony, We apologize for this but our site was somehow hacked and we have gotten all the podcasts back up here. We have not yet re-applied to iTunes. You can download all the episodes directly from here for the time being. We will do our best to re-establish our iTunes stream. Best, Fahrusha

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