Thomas Campbell and “My Big T.O.E.” #19

Author of "My Big T.O.E.", physicist and philosopher
Thomas Campbell, Author of “My Big T.O.E.”, physicist and philosopher


On October 20, 2015 Kate Valentine and Fahrusha were thrilled to welcome Dr. Thomas Campbell, physicist and author of My Big T.O.E. to “Shattered Reality Podcast”. ย Big T.O.E. stands for Big Theory of Everything.

Tom had an illustrious career as a physicist for both Army Intelligence and NASA. In his spare time, he worked with consciousness pioneer Robert Monroe. During this collaboration he began to formulate his Big Theory of Everything. Eventually he published the three-volume set My Big T.O.E.. He sees our 4D reality as an information based virtual reality and consciousness as the key factor. He believes that Love minimizes entropy causing evolution to progress, and to prove it he is a very genuinely kind individual. Consciousness exists outside the 4D Universe we inhabit. Today he lectures on consciousness internationally. Find out more by listening to this podcast episode. Fahrusha attended one of his wonderful and thought-provoking seminars in New York City. She wrote a blog piece about it that can be accessed here.

Fahrusha and Tom Campbell at his 2010 NYC seminar
Fahrusha and Tom Campbell at his 2010 NYC seminar

3 thoughts on “Thomas Campbell and “My Big T.O.E.” #19”

  1. Hi both,

    I used to listen to the Kate Valentine show and now I only recently discovered this wonderful podcast. In no time you have become my number 1 podcast. The reason is multifold I suppose, you don’t get hung up on 1 theory, you are open-minded and sceptical, the podcast is diverse and your both voices sound familiar and very pleasant. The latter is important to me as I am very sensitive to sounds, including voices and music. No big story here but it simply has a big impact on me.

    So today I listen to episode #61 and your guest has some medical urgency and you two chat along about bigfoot and stuff. At the 25 minute mark, you ask the listener, me, to contact you and tell why you (me) listen. My first thought was, ask them to interview Tom Campbell but then I see you have done so already. I shall listen to that interview, he is one of my favourite people. Well, interview him again. I would not mind at all to hear you both grill him on one topic at a time. I am sort of very much done with the new-age ladies who interview him. Please don’t tell you were also a priestess in Atlantis in your past life…

    And why do I listen? Well, in short: weird stuff happened in my life and since 10 years I wanted to know what this weird stuff was about and whether or not I could get some grip on it. Am working on it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Would nice to hear something from you too. Maybe more than “thank you for your interest in our podcast”? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Well, after saying “thank you” I do have more to say! ๐Ÿ™‚ I really love Tom Campbell too. I took a seminar with him in NYC. He was and is, I think, on a mission. I wouldn’t at all mind having him on again, but I’d prefer it to be a bit more conversational next time. He is a brilliant man. And no, neither of us, nor our engineer, Bill, is aware of being priests or priestesses in Atlantis. I wonder if it is a fun gig with perks?
      We would like to learn about the weird stuff that happened in your life if you’d like to grace us with your presence in our Listeners’ Corner, which occurs at the end of some of our shows. You can send in a written account which will be read on the show or better yet, we can have you speak it yourself.

      1. Hey Fahrusha,

        Thanks for the reply! I am shocked, shocked neither of you have been a priest or priestess in Atlantis. Well, I get over that little disappointment I am sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

        As for Tom. Yes brilliant and I certainly understand your desire to have the conversation a bit more conversational. My addition would be “…and contextual” so that his theory applies to more real-life related matters. I would think of topics like love, hate, belief, distrust and all that.

        Also the concept of aliens, dimensions, frequencies, VR and all that is used within the paranormal (that’s another word!) conversation. I notice how more often than not, how people mix up the concept of the material based reality and the VR reality.

        And as for my own weird experiences then. I think they are the usual bunch such as premonitions, missing time and self-healing. But these things I do not need to broadcast. They are part of my life and not a badge I want to wear to garnish admiration, respect or the opposite. It’s the stuff that happens during life, and then you deal with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

        But do feel free to contact me via email. I have no objections striking up a conversation with you. Just not in a -that- public setting as is here.

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